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Our licensed esthetician is trained and certified in the Powerderm Kinetic Dermabrasion system. She uses only genuine Skin Script and Powerderm products during your treatments.

Skin Script products are paraben free, natural, have no animal testing and are ideal for treating all skin types and ethnicities. All Skin Script products are manufactured in the USA.              

Facials: Products

Kinetic Dermabrasion Facial (120 minutes)            $85

Ask about our package deal!

Your initial treatment will supercharge your lymphatic and circulatory systems and give your skin a healthy glow. Next, we'll create a customized treatment plan based on your skin's needs. The Kinetic Dermabrasion Facial (KDF) aims to erase external imperfections and helps your skin regenerate quickly. The Dermabrador 'Spins Back Time' With our 1-2-3 combination of resurfacing, cosmeceutical penetration and lymphatic drainage massage.

Why choose KDF? 

♦ Triggers Fibroblast Secretion of Collagen & Elastin Stem Cells in the Dermis

♦ Resurfaces the outer layer imperfections of the epidermis

♦ Triggers Thickening in Dermis with Dermal Matrix Ground Substance

♦ Triggers Stem Cells in the Basement Membrane of the Epidermis

♦100% micro-molecular cosmeceutical penetration of vitamins and essential oils

♦Regenerates for 48-72 Hours

♦Pushes 2000% more blood and lymphatic interstitial fluid than a hand massage

♦ Pushes Nutritional Support into Dermis & Epidermis

♦ Detoxes/Flushes stagnant cellular debris, hormonal imbalances, and impurities that degrade and prematurely age the health of the stem cells.

Classic Facial (60 minutes)               $55

We'll cleanse and steam away old skin cells and condition with genuine Skin Script products. Our Classic Facial includes a hydrating mask which will make your skin appear healthier. Your skin will glow!

Back Facial (60 minutes)                    $55

The Back Facial is a painless extraction process that includes steam, exfoliation, mask and a neck, back and shoulder massage. Very relaxing!

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