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Skincare Model

Wax Services

Our experienced esthetician uses an authentic Brazilian technique that makes hair removal fast with minimal discomfort! Your skin will immediately feel smoother. 

You can expect latex-free gloves and your choice of 100% natural aloe vera hard wax, soy based wax for very sensitive skin, soft honey wax, or choose our black wax "The STAR of waxes"! Black wax is even better than sugaring and removes double follicles. Rest assured! We are a sanitary environment - no double dipping!

Ask about our NEW ingrown bikini area crystal treatment.

Wax: Products

Authéntic Brazilian Wax        $55

NEW ingrown bikini area crystal treatment      $25

Eye Brow                                 $15

Lip & Chin                              $20

Nostrils                                    $10

Ear Hair                                   $10

Lip                                            $ 8

Full Face                                  $35

Side Burns                              $15

Under Arms                            $20

Half Arms                                $30

Full Arms                                 $45

Full Legs                                  $65

Full Chest                                $60

Chest & Shoulder                  $68

Back                                          $50

Partial Back                             $30

Buttocks                                   $35

Happy Trail                              $18

Neck Back                                $25

Bikini Wax                                $35

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